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    10g XE: ORA-02291, constraint wwv_flows_fk violated while import an application


      Good afternoon Everybody!


      Each time when I import an application into my workspace in local 10g XE using the APEX 4.2 Application Builder, I get the "ORA-02291, constraint wwv_flows_fk violated..". The application I whant to import  was originally exported from apex.oracle.com.


      I found out, that it has to to with wwv_flow_application_install.get_workspace_id in the installation script, which obviously returns NULL and not my current workspace id as I suppose it should. I replaced wwv_flow_application_install.get_workspace_id by '<my worskspace id>' and then the import does work.


      I have this problem neither on non-XEs nor on apex.oracle.com. I seems to be an XE issue.


      Have someone an idea, why I have this problem on 10g XE?


      Thank You very much!