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    Issue using the mp:Link item in a plug-in mpcui definition




      I'm developing an OEM plug-in and wanted to use the Link item - <mp:Link label="Click Me" click="{invokeActivity('myPage')}"/> - in my mpcui-defined UI.


      This actually works but it's conflicting with other content on the page. For example, if I define an InfoItem followed by the Link item, the link overlays the label of the InfoItem.


      Here's my code


      <mp:InfoItem label="My Label" value="Some text"/>

      <mp:Link label="Click Me" click="{invokeActivity('myPage')}"/>


      This results in a single line on the page with link label (Click Me) overlayed on top of the InfoItem label (My Label), with the InfoItem text (Some text) to the right.


      [overlayed My Label and Click Me]    Some text


      The mouse pointer turns into a finger pointer and I can click the garbled/overlayed text and it navigates to my page so it works; it's just messed up layout-wise. I don't have any positioning information in either element but normally, if I just use multiple InfoItem elements, they will be arranged vertically down the page. I was expecting the Link element to work the same way but it doesn't seem to for me.


      Has anyone seen this? know how to fix it?





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          InfoItem tags can only be used as a child to the InfoDisplay tag.  And InfoDisplay only accepts InfoItem tags as children.  If you are trying to get a link into an InfoDisplay list, this can be done on the InfoItem tag:


                                  <mp:InfoItem id="relatedHost" label="{getString('HOSTED_BY')}" value="{model.relatedHost}"



                                      destination="{model.relatedHostLink}"  />


          destination can be an URL string or an Activity (which you have defined in your integration class).