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    Java Web Start IntegrationService#requestShortcut NPE bug in secured environments


      The IntegrationService is supposed to work such that if it fails to install shortcuts, it should return a boolean.


      However, when installing desktop shortcuts onto a computer locked down with Doorway ( www.doorway.no) we get an NPE.  In this case, Doorway uses a "redirected desktop" without write access. (not sure if they've done anything special beyond that)


      The IntegrationServiceImpl class does not take into account that the com.sun.javaws.jnl.LaunchDesc in certain circumstances may return null when calling getCanonicalHome.

      This causes the com.sun.deploy.cache.Cache.getLocalApplicationProperties(URL,String,boolean) to return null, which causes the WinInstallHandler.whichShortcutExists to throw an NPE and the application does not get a chance to recover unless this is caught.