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    How to get excel output from Payment Instruction Register?


      Hi All,

      We are on 12.1.3 version. We would like to generate the Payment Instruction Register.


        From the log, i feel that XML Data for the payment instruction is generated (Oracle Payments Funds Disbursement Payment Instruction Extract 1.0) and it is formatted using an XML Publisher template. So i created an XML Publisher template with Excel as default output and data definition as Oracle Payments Funds Disbursement Payment Instruction Extract 1.0. For testing, i also created a format inside Payments Administrator with this template, and updated a payment process profile with this template.


      When i run the  Payment Instruction Register by specifying this template for a payment instruction with the updated profile, i get this error when opening output: "File Does not begin with %PDF"

      I noticed that the concurrent program Payment Instruction Register has output type as PDF. I changed it to XML and ran. This produces a plain-XML output but with none of the tags which i see in the log. It looks liks this in the beginning:



      - <html>

      - <!--  Generated by Oracle XML Publisher 5.6.3


      - <head>

        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

        <title>RTF Template</title>

        <style type="text/css" id="internalStyle">.c0 {height: 25.123pt;} .c1 {border-width: 0.5pt;border-color: #000000;border-style: solid;width:45.15pt;background-color: #e7f3fd;} .c2 {margin-top: 0.0pt;margin-bottom: 0.0pt;margin-left: 0.25pt;margin-right: 0.099pt;} .c3 {border-width:



      How can i produce Excel output for this program using the template?