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    Switching Printer Tray Problem


      Hi all,

      I have a problem with a report. I'm using reports 11 with oracle 11g r2.

      I developt the reports on weblogic and print normally. but when i move the report to UNIX and open the web applications the reports doesn't print on the tray 1.





      REP-1921: Input printer tray Tray 1 is not available on the selected printer.



      I tryied with the comands:




        srw.attr.mask := SRW.PRINTER_INTRAY_ATTR;
        srw.attr.printer_intray := ' Tray 1';
        srw.set_attr(SRW.REPORT_ID, srw.attr);


      and doesn't work.



      I need select the tray to print.



      Thanks and sorry for my english.