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    No Oracle ODP.NET on Data Sources List




      I'm struggling with installation and configuration of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio. I think I've done everything properly, however there is no Oracle ODP.NET as Data Source in Visual Studio's New Connection dialog.

      Before I start dwelling on a subject here's some info:


      I am using Windows 7 64-bit with Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.

      My .NET version: 4.5

      I have installed and configured Oracle 12.1.0 (for learning purpose).

      I have created and successfully connected to PDB on localhost.


      Then, I've downloaded ODAC 12c package (newest one) and run Oracle Universal Installer.


      My first concern during installation was the choice between Client and Server Components.

      Should I have both installed as my home PC acts as server and I'd like to connect to it localy as client?

      Anyway, no matter which option would I choose, I can't find Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio on Components List.

      Is it hidden somewhere as a part of other components?



      I've decided not to give up and install everything!

      I've choosen Server Components as they seem to contain almost all Client Components.

      Although OUI stated that I have all components (except Oracle Data Access Components Documentation for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012) installed, I ticked all of them, forced reinstall and deployed DBMSClr as SYSDBA after successfull installation.


      I've also followed this instructions: Connecting to Oracle from Visual Studio - Kirk Evans Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs from "Configure TNSNames.ora" paragraph to the end of article.


      End of story: fail.


      I'd be really grateful for every help, tip and piece of info how to make it work. I'd be doubly grateful if you could dedicate your free time and also explain >>why<< it does not work.


      Thank you!