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ASM questions

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Hi, I have several questions here. I managed migrations from ASM instance to ASM instance in either standalone and RAC environment.


Now I encounter this task  to migrate a very old 11gr1 envrionment on Sun solaris 5.10 to 5.11 Oracle version


I have couple questions I  have to ask gurus here.


1).  We got ok from management to use oracle restart with standalone server using ASM.


Current environment , all the datafiles located on local disks from /u02--u10.


So during the migration, we will create a a standby from prod db (11gr1 which all the files sits on local system without OMF), and upgrade standby then snapshot this upgraded standby to the new Oracle restart ASM system.

So my questions here are: a).  I would assume I will create this standby from primary exact same as current prod environment , means no OMF, no ASM. then upgrade.

                                            b). Then on the target (11gr2) box, I will install oracle restart/asm.  at this time, How do I be sure I can use OMF, and the files from /u02-10 can moved over to the diskgroup?



2).  Storage folks have no experience of ASM luns. For standalone box, is that they just have to present us the raw luns?  then I just let Oracle asm discover it?  Do I have to use UDEV (I think it is for RAC) to manage those luns? What is the official ways to do it? any docs? Luns will be from emc storage.


Thank you very much in advance.


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