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    Help needed in setting up and optimizing local storage for ASM


      I have been bounced back and forth between Oracle software and hardware support for days now and I feel like I just have a couple of questions needing answers so I can proceed with installing the Oracle database.   We have a single Oracle server with local storage (6 300GB drives) with a SG-SAS6-R-INT-Z RAID card.  Our Oracle database is under 100GB


      1) The hardware came with Oracle Linux preinstalled, but we want to utiliize Oracle VM so that we can limit the cores/licenses we will use.

      2) The Oracle Setup Assistant (OSA) showed all the drives as RAID 0, which didn't make sense why they would do that,  so I mirrored the first two drives and installed OVM.  I have since found out that the OSA      only supports RAID 0 or 1, so maybe the RAID was 0+1 and I couldn't see that.

      3) I am not able to see any of the remaining 4 drives. For this particular RAID card (with the -R-) the OS cannot be installed without hardware RAID, so perhaps RAID has to be setup on those remaining drives as      well, but I did get a response from support which said they could be setup in OSA as simple volumes.

      4) So here are my questions:

           a) Was I correct in mirroring two drives to install OVM?

           b) We want to install two Oracle Linux guests, with one being for the database and the other being a small installation needing no additional storage.  Can these guests be installed on the mirrored drives that the           OVM is installed on?  I do not see that mirrored virtual drive show up in Local File Systems in the VM Manger.

           c) If we can setup the remaining 4 drives as simple volumes is that what we want to do and have ASM handle the mirroring?

           d) Or, since we have a RAID controller should we rather setup hardware RAID? If so, should I start over and setup RAID 0+1 on all 6 drives?

           e) According to the ASM documentation local storage can be either LUNs created by hardware RAID or disk partitions.  If we didn't use hardware RAID and chose disk partitions then the doc says

                     "A disk partition can be the entire disk drive or a section of a disk drive. However, the Oracle ASM disk cannot be in a partition that includes the partition table because the partition table would be                overwritten"

               How would I setup a ASM disk utilizing a partition that didn't contain the partition table?  That confused me.


      Thank you for your help.  I am sure that for many of you these are very rudimentary questions.  I really just want someone who is knowledgeable to give direction as to the best way to proceed for optimizing storage capacity, performance, and redundancy.