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    Can I pass parameters from a dashboard via a dashboard prompt and presentation variable to publisher report based on a data model with select statements in OBIEE 11g ?


      I have a publisher 11g (v  report with a single parameter. The report is based on a data model not a subject area.  I created a dashboard put a dashboard prompt and link to the report in separate section on the same page.  The dashboard prompt sets a presentation variable named the same as the parameter in the report. 


      The problem was when I created the dashboard prompt, it forced me to select a subject area which I did (though did not want to) and then I created both a column and variable prompts. But clicking on the

      report link completely ignored the value that I thought would be passed in the presentation variable to the report.


      Side note :  My report uses a pdf template for its layout where I have mapped the columns names from my data model to the form fields on the pdf form.  I noticed that if I create a publisher report based on a subject area, then I do not have the choice to choose a PDF as a template type for my layout.  (I only see BI Publisher Template as a choice). 


      I see some documentation online that suggest it could be done in 10g.



      M. Jamal