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    HFM Consolidation from EBS GL Balances




      I'm consolidating an applicaton in HFM, I created my account dimension based on GL Balance accounts, I mean the type of account is made on GL.GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS.ACCOUNT_TYPE,

      I generated a text file based on sql query, the first time I loaded all the balance with no any validation in the account and I realized that HFM change the sign for expense accounts, so I change the sign for accounts DECODE(GL.GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS.ACCOUNT_TYPE, 'A', -1, 'E', -1, 'L', 1, 'O', 1, 'R', 1) when I generate the text file, but in the consolidation I noticed that expense accounts didn't change the sign. My questions are, what is right way to load in HFM? HFM change the sign and what kind of accounts?