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    Steps for Incremental Load


      Hi All,


      I have been running full load tillnow but now I want to run incremental load.

      Can anyone tell me what steps I need to take care to run incremental load.

      I have seen many posts on incremental load but I am not getting a clear idea about it.I know that I have to uncheck Full load Always for the execution plan which I want to run.

      But I dont know whether I have to check or uncheck Drop/Create Indices option.

      Also I want to know in tasks we have option for source and target tables option.

      In target tables do I have to check Truncate Always or Truncate for full load in case of Incremental load.

      I am confused because for some tables I see Truncate Always is checked and for some tables Truncate for full load is checked.


      Can anyone please let me know the steps to do incremental load.

      Any help would be really appreciated!!


      Thanks in Advance!!