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    TREE , link to other application page without re authentification




      I'm working on APEX 4.1.1 , i used the tree region to make my application menu . My problem is in every items of the tree i make a redirection to a specific page ID (in another application) , and i try to make an automatic authentification but its doesnt work:


      My Tree region requestio:

      select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0

                  when level = 1             then 1

                  else                           -1

             end as status,


             "LABEL" as title,

             null as icon,

             "ID_PAGE" as value,

             null as tooltip,

             M.num_app||':'||v('SESSION')||':'||M.REQUEST link

      from   MY_TREE M

      start with M.LABEL ='START'

      connect by prior "ID_PAGE" = "ID_PAGE_PARENT"

      order siblings by "ID_PAGE"


      Suppose that my main application that contain my tree menu = 500 and the target page ID is on the apllication page 501 so on page page ID 101 of my App ID 501 i add a process before header that get Username and password from cookies   and call the apex API for login.


      Thankyou for your responses.