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    Patch for ESSBASE


      Hi All,


      I had Applied patch for

      1. Shared Servcies  (14020629) .300patch

      2.EPM Workspace (13936087).300patch

      3.Planning             (13905088) .300patch

      4.FDM & FOR ERPI (14173894).300patch


      i want to apply patch for Essbase now can i do that ?. is there any sequence ,because i had applied  patchs for  shared services, workspace,planning and FDM earlier thats why  - ?


      i had applied patch for FDM is this same patch applies for ERPI also - ?


      i got success message in command prompt when i applied patch for FDM , but once  i open webclient and workbech client in help i am not  able to find .300 new patch i applied for FDM


      where can we check it -?