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    In TextField can only select text visible or to the left


      In May 2013 I filed a bug report on a TextField issue, was given a bug submission number of 9002590, but in contrast to other bug reports that appeared soon at a different number from the one I was sent originally, this bug report never appeared and it is still present in Java 7 Update 45 and Java 8 build 111.


      Is there some way to get Oracle to focus on such a bug?


      The bug is illustrated on In TextField can only select text visible or to the left with a sample applet (with full source code) and the following description:


      The TextField in the applet below has English names of the numbers 1 through 10.

      Expected behavior: selecting text using a mouse beginning at the left ("One ...")  should select not only the visible text (One through Eight) but also  allow continuing to the right to select the text that is initially not visible initially (including Nine and Ten).

      Observed behavior:  Using JRE 1.7.0_21 on Windows, if one tries to select the text by dragging the mouse from the left to the right of the TextField, all the visible text gets highlighted (One through Eight), but the part of the text that is un-displayed on the right does not get selected or copied (Nine and Ten).

      On Windows, JRE 6 and possibly early versions of JRE 7,  the expected behavior occurred.  One MacOS, JRE 1.7.0_21 and JRE 8 build 89   the expected behavior occurs.

      Workaround: Moving to the right of the TextField using the keyboard arrow allows one to select at the end of Ten and then select backwards to include One.  But this should work in both directions, as it did previously on Windows and continues to do on MacOS.