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    add host target after deleting it in OEM 12c


      I am running OEM  I have deleted a host target on the console and now I want to add it back.  If I go to "Add Target" -> "Add Target Manually" -> "Add Host Target", it will prompt for installation of agent on that host.  I do not want to go through that process since agent is already installed and running on the host.  I also tried "auto discovery result" but the host isn't listed there even though the agent is a managed target in OEM.  Is there a easy way to add the host back?  Thanks.

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          Hi Team,


          You can follow the below steps to re-add the host target


          1. Start the agent by issuing following command:

          <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl start agent

          2. Issue following command:

          <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl config agent addinternaltargets

          3. Secure the agent by issuing following command:

          <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl secure agent

          4. Do the following steps to show the status of host and agent as up:

          <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl stop agent

          <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl clearstate agent

          <AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME>/bin/emctl start agent

          Once done, the host and agent status would be shown as up.

          5. Do a resync of agent as per below steps

          1. Login to 12C console

          2. Navigate to Setup --> Manage Cloud Control --> Agents (for OEM)

              Navigate to Setup --> Agents (for OEM)

          3. Click on the problematic agent

          4. Click on drop down menu "Agent" and Choose "Resynchronization" in the menu list.

          5. Choose the option to "Unblock agent on successful completion of agent resynchronization." and Click on Continue

          6. The resynchronization operation is submitted as a job

          7. Check the job's status of the resynchronization operation by clicking on the job name's link.




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            I followed the steps up until the "resynchronization" step which returns an error "System has detected that this agent never uploaded to the repository successfully. Repository does not have enough information to restore this agent.".  I tried manually upload and got the error below.  Basically I can unblock it but can't resynchronize.  Is there anything else I should try?  Thanks much.


            ./emctl upload agent

            Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 

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            EMD upload error:full upload has failed: The agent is blocked by the OMS. Plugin mismatch found between agent and repository. Please perform an agent resync to unblock the agent. Mismatched plugins: [ The plug-in is oracle.sysman.oh (AGENT_BLOCKED)