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    Adding Siebel Gateway Resource is failing on second node




      I am trying to add Solaris Cluster Data Service for Siebel Gateway and it is failing on second node. Following is the error message:


      root@srvhqon16 # clresource create -g gateway-rg -t SUNW.sblgtwy -p Confdir_list=/u01/sblappdr/siebel/gtwysrvr -p siebel_version=8.1 sblgtwy-rs

      clresource:  srvhqon17 - Cannot access file </u01/sblappdr/siebel/gtwysrvr/siebenv.sh>, err = <Bad file number>

      clresource:  (C189917) VALIDATE on resource sblgtwy-rs, resource group gateway-rg, exited with non-zero exit status.

      clresource:  (C720144) Validation of resource sblgtwy-rs in resource group gateway-rg on node srvhqon17 failed.

      clresource:  (C891200) Failed to create resource "sblgtwy-rs".


      There is not much information logged in /var/adm/messages file as well.


      root@srvhqon16 # clrg status



      === Cluster Resource Groups ===



      Group Name       Node Name       Suspended      Status

      ----------       ---------       ---------      ------

      gateway-rg       srvhqon16       No             Online

                       srvhqon17       No             Offline



      root@srvhqon16 #


      root@srvhqon16 # clrs status



      === Cluster Resources ===



      Resource Name       Node Name      State        Status Message

      -------------       ---------      -----        --------------

      gateway-stor        srvhqon16      Online       Online

                          srvhqon17      Offline      Offline



      gtwyuat             srvhqon16      Online       Online - LogicalHostname online.

                          srvhqon17      Offline      Offline


      Can anyone please guide if I am missing anything?