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    cost of 1z0-146


      Dear All,

      I know it's not the right place to ask but i posted the same thread in certification but nobody answered it. That's why i am asking you again.


      I want to appear in the exam 1zo-146. I am from India. The oracle site says Rs 8014 is required to appear in the exam. My question is whether there exists any additional service charge of RS 1200 against the exam.

      If it is required then ok but if some one is asking you for the extra money where some one should complain about it.



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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          Continue the discussion in your original post - Cost of the exam 1zo-146


          Provide as much details as possible in order for people to help you


          You asked the other question a mere 3 hours ago - this is not support, but a peer volunteer forum, and this is a weekend


          Typically someone from Oracle Certification monitors this forum on weekdays - expect a response in 24-48 hous