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    root password




      I'm trying to play with Exadata (version, Linux/x64) and VirtualBox.

      I know that it is hardware dependent, and will not work on my VM.

      I downloaded the files "cellImageMaker_11."

      and "computeImageMaker_11.", and built the ISO images using makeImageMedia.sh.

      I am able to boot with the 2 images (both cell and db).

      The problem is the login. I googled for "exadata root password" and found some,

      like "root/welcome1" and "root/changeme", but it doesn't work.

      I also tried "root/exadata", "root/root", "root/oracle", "root/oracle1".

      I tried the same passwords for "oracle" user, also fails.

      I also tried to boot using "linux single", but it doesn't boot in "maintenance mode".

      How can I manage to login into these hosts using "root" account?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Luis,

          actually I did the same installation while a guy on the web did a post that it is possible to setup a storage server environement in a Oracle Virtual box for test purposes.

          I also download the software create an iso image and start the virtual box.Here are two problems:

          1. There was a error message that the hardware is not correct and

          2. the root password or celladmin password was not known

              I try root/welcome, root/welcome123, celladmin/welcome and so on.

              All the user/passwords combinations doesn't work.

          So for me it looks like a fake otherwise the guy could give the whole information for doing such an setup.


          I know that Oracle University have a Oracle VM Image which they use for Exadata courses but this VM Image is not for general purposes use.


          If you have new ideas on creating such a storage server environment let me know.

          Where do you find the information for doing such a storage server setup? Could you please poste the link.





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            note that if you try to run the software without an exadatamachine you are technically in violation of oracle licensing since there are no developer licenses for that software