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    Mapviewer problem on mac

    Mohammad Abu Hmead



      I installed netbeans and GlassFish3 on my MackBook Pro, glassFish works fine and also netbeans, I developed servlets on it and these servlets are running.

      I deployed MapViewer.ear using GlassFish admin console, it is running good, but when I go to admin section of MapViewer and try to log in using glassFish login username and password, I can't login, i changes the login of GlassFish and also does not work, I tried to use admin as user name and welcome1 as password and also does not work,

      I tried to deploy the MapViewer.ear folder which available in mapviewer quick start apps using asadmin but the problem wont solved


      Please help be to solve this problem.


      Note: I created windows7 virtual machine and deployed it there and it works fine.


      Kind Regards,