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      The Configuration guide says.. as below and request your help on the same.


      Identify the Recruitment Source Types in your Oracle source system by using the

      following SQL:







      -- This step is fine.


      Using a text editor, open the domainValues_Recruitment_Source_Type_

      oraVersion.csv file located in the $PMServer\LkpFiles directory (for example,


      -- done


      Copy the Lookup Code and Meaning to the SOURCE_TYPE_CODE and

      SOURCE_TYPE_NAME columns in the file respectively. The data must be copied

      starting from the sixth line. Use commas to separate the entries.

      -- this is done.


      Map each Recruitment Source Type (LOOKUP_CODE) to one domain value for

      each of the two domain columns - W_SOURCE_TYPE_CODE and W_SOURCE_

      TYPE_DESC. The Recruitment Source Type Description (MEANING) is extracted

      with the Source Type to help you map the domain values.

      -- so where would i get the domain column values??? If some HRMS functional is going to give us.. where would they get it from??? ANY HELP IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED.


      Map each of these additional source types, which are added to W_RCRTMNT_

      SOURCE_D table by the extract mapping:

      ■ Type = IREC; Name = iRecruitment

      ■ Type = UNKNOWN; Name = unknown

      -- What do you mean by additional source types??? is it saying that if we get information from some other sources???

      It would be great idea for ORACLE people to give these points in better detail because it reduces dependency on the functional people and probably as a BI guy I can just ask them for validation... pls appreciate any clarifications on the above points..