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    Change the Page Template Body to use 8 columns instead of 12


      Apex Version:

      Theme: 25


      I have a page that I need to divide by 8 segments, rather than 12 ( I will need to place items and buttons in one of the 8 columns).


      To begin, I have made a copy of the One Level Tabs - No Sidebar page template. I have tried to edit this template, and played with multiple combinations changing the Grid Layout and Display Points settings, but instead of creating a page that has 8 columns, that span the width of the page, I am just left with blank space.


      See attached:.



      And these are the Page Template Settings:




      Is it possible to change the body section of the page template to have 8 columns span the entire width, without the dead space?



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          The CSS definition that comes with Theme 25 is based on 12 columns. The definition actually contains multiple fixed grid definitions for different screen sizes. For each definition, the column widths are defined (hard coded) based on the 12 column grid.


          Important: the grid attributes in the page template do not define the grid, the CSS does. The attributes/definition in the page template is necessary for APEX to dynamically use the grid definition. The CSS is leading!


          If you want to use an 8 column grid, you will have to re-write the CSS grid definition and alter the grid definition in the page template accordingly. So it is possible, but, depending on your level of understanding CSS and @Media queries, maybe not that trivial.


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            Ahh thanks. I can dabble with CSS but I am no expert.


            I was just wondering what effect the Grid Layout and Display Points settings have - was hoping they were for this purpose but I guess not.


            I have figured out a workaround now anyway - to generate the contents of the regions dynamically instead of items in region positions.