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    OBIEE cluster installation on AIX


      Hi guys,


      Does OBIEE version support enterprise installation with scale out for AIX (6.1) platform. i read oracle documentation and it recommened software only install for AIX. having enterprise installation would reduce my hassles as i am on a tight timeline. please suggest.


      appreciate your time.




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          Yes you need to do software only install other wise libraries will not get installed properly it fails.


          • To scale out your installation using the Software Only Install type on a shared network drive and with a shared Fusion Middleware home, you must specify the same domain home for all computers in your cluster. This can be accomplished by setting the same value in the Domain Home field in the Scale BI System Details screen of the Configuration Assistant. Using the same domain home for all computers in a scaled-out system with a shared Middleware home is required to start one or more managed servers within a domain through Node Manager.


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            thanks Saichand,


            I currently have weblogic for my 10 OBIEE setup. can i use the same version for OBIEE 11g, if not what are the supported versions for OBIEE 11g install (


            BTW, if enterprise installation completes successfully with configuration and the both weblogic and OBIEE are up and running, then can i conclude that setup is completed successfully without any glitches. I ask this question because i have tried to install enterprise version in on of my AIX machines and it worked, but not sure if there is some hidden glitch which i am yet to notice.