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    NDM-LOD Implementation in Oracle WebLogic Server




      I have a Network Data Model using Load on Demand approach implementation in Oracle WebLogic Server. Upon uploading of the java web service to my WebLogic Server, everything works fine and I can do network analysis functions using the LOD API.

      My problem is, whenever I add additional data to my Nodes and Links table, or I totally deleted all records in my Nodes and Links and repopulated the table with new data, I encounter the error Start node cannot be found.


      This are my sample screenshots for your reference.

      Initial Uploading of Java Web Service (Network Analysis Functions are working):



      After I Deleted all Nodes and Links data and repopulate new Network Data, I encounter Start node cannot be found:


      But if you are going to look at my Node Table below, the node is existing in the database.



      The only solution that I found to resolve this error is to update or redeploy the Java Web Service that have my Network Analysis functions. But this solution is basically not acceptable since my network data is constantly changing and more nodes and links are being added everyday.


      Does anyone have any Idea on how to resolve this without updating or redeploying my Java Web Service?