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    Problem using Gantt region plug-in


      I’m trying to understand, and replicate, the use of the Gantt plug-in developed by Ivan Zderadicka in a similar way to that shown in the Apex Sample Charts packaged application (ID: 13030)


      However when I try to use the code shown in the example



          pt.task_name parent_task,




          case ct.status

      when 'Open' then 'open_task'

      when 'Closed' then 'closed_task'

      when 'Pending' then 'pending_task'

      else 'unknown_task'

          end child_class,


          pt.id parent_id

      from eba_demo_chart_tasks ct,

      eba_demo_chart_tasks pt

      where ct.parent_task is not null

         and pt.id = ct.parent_task

      order by pt.task_name, ct.start_date


      as the Region Source, I get an error “wrong number of columns selected in the region source query”


      Any help anybody can provide on what I'm doing wrong would be much appreciated


      Many thanks




      Message was edited by: dzy82f It turns out that this Gantt plugin is not the one developed by Ivan Zderadicka but my thanks to him for providing more details on the SQL his plug-in uses Rather, it was developed by Oracle Internal Name (Value Required)    COM.ORACLE.APEX.GANTT_CHART Reference Master Plug-in From: 65708911358321918 It can be exported using in Application Builder ->  Application XXXX -> Shared Components -> Plug-ins, click on plug-in name which  takes you to the plug-in details page. On the right hand side, use "Export Plug-in" under "Tasks". Click this link and follow the wizard (with thanks to Hari_639)