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    Interactive Report - Break formatting style


      Hi All,

      Is there a way to make Interactive reports break format work/look like classic reports break format? i.e.1st,2nd,3rd column option. The way IR breaks is that is reserves a whole row for the column used in the break, which is not what I want, I want the report to look like the following:


      city               emp           sal


      Chicago     John Miller  1500

                       Mark Horton 2000

      Denver       Rob Martino 1200


      I tried to use rollup queries which work fine except that it does not do exactly what I want when I sort columns through the front end , I am basically displaying a check box for grouped records ( and I want it to display at the first record of each group), so the order is important. for example:


      checkbox   City               emp           sal

      [ ]               Chicago     John Miller    1500

                                        Mark Horton  2000

      [ ]              Denver       Rob Martino  1200