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    how to show css text in apex application form label


      I have create a static file called. notice.css

      and have in my page 0 header and footer

      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="#APP_IMAGES#notice.css" >

      anyways, I need the `content` in the css to apply to about 30 pages form.


      in when display only field for one of the forms I created I did this


      ELEMENT ->HTML Form Element Attributes



      So I am calling the class in the HTML Form Element Attributes. In the form I am having problems showing the `content`. I created a div example in fiddle to show what I am trying to do Edit fiddle - JSFiddle


      anyways, why isn't the `content` showing in apex? in normal html and css it works fine.

      .notice {

      font-weight: bold;


      color: #FF0000; //RED



      content: "The following fields below are NOT to be used. It is only they to look up any previous information.







      I know they apex is abit confusing in doing simple things. Please is they a way of doing this in apex? I want to do this method because it will be early to edit the text in the `content css element` rather than copy and pasting in over 40 forms and going into easy of them when I have some changes to do.