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    Body of POST Request lost when size is between 16K and 24K


      First, I am NOT a Java Developer - just a systems analyst trying to help out the real programmers.  I have programming experience (APEX, PL/SQL, Forms & Reports) so I am not a total noob.


      We have a very complicated Java application - Sun Webserver, Glassfish app server, proxy server, load balancing, and an Oracle database.  We have had an increasing number of NullPointerExceptions for the application.  On different pages in the app.  Happens intermittently but it has been increasing.  Hard to recreate in production but we are able to recreate the problem consistently in our test environment.


      If the body of the POST request is less than 16K in size, it is there,  If the body of the POST request is over 24K, it is there.  If it is between those two numbers, it is empty (or appears to be).


      We have installed Dynatrace at several key points.  We have taken the load balancer and proxy server out of the configuration.   We have narrowed it down to the web server and app server but that is about it.


      Knowing almost nothing about Enterprise Java, research I have done leads to:


      • Java sticky sessions (checked and ruled out)
      • TCP stream (not packets!) size differences?
      • 2-way compression problem?
      • Different character sets (client, server, server)

      But really, I have no idea.  I am just SWAGing it here.


      We are using (the programmers told me):

      Model-2 Architecture in Java

      J2EE Platform 5.0

      J2SDK /J2SE 6.0

      Glassfish App Server 2.1.1

      Oracle Database / SQL 11g


      Log4J 1.2.15

      HTML CSS 4.0

      CSS 2.1

      DOM and DHTML Level 1

      JavaScript 1.2

      XML 1.0


      Does anybody have any ideas?  If anybody has an idea, please share,