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    4.0 EA3 import from designer and database leads to differences in compare models




      I followed two ways to import a model in Data Modeler:

      1 - an import from Oracle Designer

      2 - an import from the database generated on basis from Oracle Designer

      Then I compare the two models in Data Modeler, and found differences ...


      One of the differences is in Table check constraints. The text is the same when viewing it in the compare model.

      So I opened the corresponding XML files for the tables and compared the XML for the constraint text. And there are differences:



      <rule>(file_locatie is not null and file_naam_org is not null) or&lt;br/&gt;(file_locatie is null and file_naam_org is null)</rule>

      <rule>(file_locatie is not null and file_naam_org is not null) or&lt;br&gt;(file_locatie is null and file_naam_org is null)</rule>    <<-- designer


      the design imported from designer contains br, the databse imported version contains br/

      This should not be considered during comparision, or better: boths imports should use the same way of formatting.