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    two related questions: using htmldb_Get to call stored procedure and passing in an array of items


      I have the need to save dynamically generated ApEx items via AJAX.  I am using APEX_ITEM API to generate the items.  At run-time, I have no idea how many of items will be generated on the page, but I know that they will all have discreet and distinct "name" attributes, i.e. f01, f02, f03, etc.  As a basic example, if I have to generate a select list, I know that the "p_idx" parameter of the APEX_ITEM call is say "3", so all select lists that get generated will have a "name" attribute in the DOM of "f03", all text items will be "f01", etc.


      I want to save this data to the database via AJAX.  It is typical to call the standard htmldb_Get javascript function for use of an on-demand process, but I am interested in using the rarely-called-upon "procedure" and queryString" options of that javascript function so that I can build the queryString on the fly based on what is on the DOM when the tries to save the data they entered into these APEX_ITEM-generated items.  Does anyone have any good examples of how to use the "procedure" and "queryString" parameters of the htmldb_Get javascript function?


      I have found a smattering of some blogs, posts, etc. online related to this, but mostly just people regurgitating the documentation.  I found this post (https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2549237) which had a glimpse of hope to be able to pass an array (which is something I will need) as a parameter, but would like someone to sanity check this before I go down that road.



      ApEx 4.2.1