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    Migrate an schema from oracle 8i to 11g



      I am struggling to find all the requirement to upgrade one schema running on oracle db 8i installed on an sparc server non-global solaris 8 zone to a oracle 11g running on solaris 10 x86 non-global zone.


      there are changes in architecture.


      what I know is:

      export using exp utiliy from oracle 8i

      import in oracle 11g using exp utility of 11g if still available.


      I only need to migrate two schemas respectively of 1gb and 2gb


      here are the schemas and the sizes:


      Schema Schema Name Size (Mb)

      ------------- ----------

      CLAIMS                2851.07031    

      ARCCLAIMS           1290.9375


      can you someone tell me what is the best way to perform this.. this is what I think i should do.

      I have to set the character set NLS_Lang of the source db both in source and target machine. both server do not have the same character set. oracle 8i has WE8ISO8859P1  and oracle 11g has WE8MSWIN1252

      then perform execute the catsql.exp script

      perform the exp

      exp sys/******* owner=CLAIMS file=CLAIMS.dmp


      for the imp do i have to create the user or it will be created automatically should I create the timespaces amd user manually?


      what would be the command to be used to import?


      thank you.