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    Master Detail Relationship JDeveloper 12C

    Miguel Angel

      I have two view objects in master detail relantionship with a view link: AtencionesView and AtencionesExamenesView.I have to implement a filter "All Examenes" to show all the rows from AtencionesExamenesView. How to achieve this?. One way could be deleting the link and have conditional bind variables in the AtencionesExamenesView. Is there another way?.

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          Alejandro Tovar Lanz

          Hi Miguel,


          Do you mean that you want to display AtencionesExamenesView without any binding to AtencionesView?


          You can add a new viewObjectInstance to your application module based on AtencionesExamenesView selecting it from the root level (no the master detail) and rename it to allExamenesView. This way it will query the database without any where clause (unless you have modify that on your AtencionesExamenesView VO definition.