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    how to get the right Serial Number during Pick Release


      Please we need your help to get the right serial number => Auto-Allocate on YES, Pick Confirm with NO.


          A problem is occurring during the Pick Release process.  Custom code has been added to the hook INV_DETAIL_SERIAL_PUB to provide the Pick Release process with the serial number to pick for the item being pick released.  The hook works and the Pick Release process picks the correct (specified) serial number.  However, at some point later in the Pick Release process the lot number is chosen and the process seems to pick the first lot number it finds available for the item – it does not take into account the serial number provided by the hook.  This causes the Pick Release process to fail when the lot number chosen is not the lot number linked to the serial number.  Has anyone else encountered this same issue?


          An example:


      Item ABC123


      Serial SER001 – Lot LOT001


      Serial SER002 – Lot LOT002


      Serial SER003 – Lot LOT003



      Item ABC123 is being pick released.


      The customised hook provides the Pick Release process with serial SER002.


      The Pick Release process correctly uses SER002, but chooses lot LOT001.






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          I guess you have added the code at slightly different place.

          Pick Release Process will always allocate lots based on Inventory Picking Rule (or WMS Pick Strategy if you are using WMS).


          So if you want to override that you much first delete the MTLT record (inv_trx_util_pub.delete_lot_ser_trx), then insert MTLT with your Lot number (inv_trx_util_pub.insert_lot_trx)..then insert MSNT (inv_trx_util_pub.insert_ser_trx) with your serial number.

          Ensure that transaction_temp_id on MSNT should match with SERIAL_TRANSACTION_TEMP_ID on MTLT table.