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    Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2 for Windows 64 bit?


      Will there be any "Oracle 11g xe" is available for windows 64 bit in future?

      I know using 32b apps on 64b doesn't make any sense, still want to know if there is any way to execute current 32 bit version on 64 bit cleanly?

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          Probably not any time real soon, XE doesn't get much priority on the development side of things.


          I've gotten the XE to install OK on Windows server, Standard ed. 2008R2 x64 but it was a very long time ago.


          >>using 32b apps on 64b doesn't make any sense


          But it can work, in most all cases. Unfortunately the XE installer is one of the exceptions. Definitely can't go the other way, e.g. install x64 software on an x86 OS. And an x86 OS can be installed on x64 hardware, but that isn't much help either. But if host memory is tight, going x86 will have slightly smaller memory footprints. Many reasons for going x64, saving memory is not one of 'em.


          What can work is try the Linux version of XE, it is x64. Might take perhaps a half hour to install Virtual Box and set up a virtual machine with e.g. Fedora and boot the VM, install, maybe another half hour or so to get the OS updates.


          My preference is for the KDE desktop, its a bit closer to a Windows look and feel than the Gnome desktop. Linux will be different, but really, its the same thing. An OS provides and controls access to resources, e.g. memory, disks, all the peripherals (keyboard, mouse, NIC, etc.). XE can work in a VM with 1GiB total RAM for a VM, but more is better. The OS needs memory too.


          It also helps with the XE install to customize the disk partition layout at the OS install, adjust swap space to at least a full 2GiB.