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    Endeca 3.1 sample application




      Getting Started guide says in OTN SampleApp is available but i couldn't find it . Can any one point me the location to download it?


      To download the sample application materials for the Integrator ETL-based sample application:

      1. Go to the Downloads tab for Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/endeca/downloads/index.html .

      2. Click the Accept License Agreement radio button.

      Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery: Getting Started Guide Version 3.1.0 • October 2013

      Installing Integrator ETL and the Integrator ETL Sample Application 33

      3. Under Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio (3.1), click Sample Application (with

      Integrator ETL Pipeline).

      4. You are prompted to download the .zip file EID31_SampleApp_via_IntegratorETL.zip

      5. After downloading the .zip file, extract the files to a temporary directory.