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    SAN based restoration or RMAN restoration for Active Dataguard


      Hi ,

      We have oracle 11gr2 on aix OS ,I am planning to configure active dataguard for DB size 250 GB.


      FOr DB restoration on standby side  if i go for SAN based OS block level  Relication between primary and standby  how to link DB LUn on standby which are  mounted with diffrent LUN name on standby DB.


      OR RMAN restoartion is only method to go  for standby DB restoartion ..


      My conncerns is if i go for RMAN than it will take more than 8 hours and it will affect my DB performance ..


      Please help me suggest which approch is better ? If it SAN based than how to link LUn to DB file .

      Thanks in Advance.