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      Does ODQ use the matching feature of IIR or is ODQ and IIR the same DQ tools? Is there any link / document which talks about the capability and features of ODQ, especially for Matching, Standardization and Profiling?


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          Oracle Data Quality (ODQ) Parsing & Standardization is the product name for an OEM of Informatica Data Quality.

          Oracle Data Quality (ODQ) Matching Server is the product name for an OEM of Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR)

          Oracle Data Quality (ODQ) Address Validation Server is the product name for an OEM of Informatica Address Doctor integrated via IIR


          All of these products are being phased out by Oracle in favour of the Oracle Enterprise Data Quality product from the acquisition of Datanomic a few years ago. OEDQ is the strategic data quality offering, comprising fully integrated profiling, parsing and standardization, address verification, matching and merging for all data types. It can be bought with different configuration options. It includes a pack of pre-configured customer data services for matching and address verification that is pre-integrated with Siebel (CRM and UCM).


          Documentation is available for both products. The EDQ documentation is here.