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    can a (classic) report "link" column trigger a dynamic action ?


      In order to avoid  a full submit and ensuing flickering,

      can the link associated with a classic report column

      somehow trigger a dynamic action ?

      Something along the lines of

      1. run PL/SQL bit (passing some parameters along)
      2. refresh a page region to reflect changes induced by (1)


      In practice, I have a page which is master/detail already,

      with the need to manage another set of detail records.

      I can collect a bunch of fields that are not db-bound,

      and generate an insert + refresh via an "add" button.

      Then the report containing the details is refreshed to

      provide visual feedback that a new record has been added

      indeed, with a "delete" column. The embedded link is

      currently a javascript which saves the underlying M/D and

      deletes from the secondary detail, but this entails a submit

      and full page refresh. Can it be avoided?


      (running apex 4.2.1)