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    Migrating Standalone Grid Infrastructure Servers to a Cluster Linux 5.9


      Hey guys! Hope you all are doing good


      I am kinda confused migrating my Oracle Restart installation to a RAC two node (aim is to add a second node along with migrating the existing one to the cluster pool).

      Running on OEL 5.9 x86_64


      I see that we can switch the RAC mode from 'off' to 'on' and use the existing clusterware binaries. I am trying to follow the below Oracle documentation for linux


      6.2 Migrating Standalone Grid Infrastructure Servers to a Cluster



      In this document, I have completed step 5 which is de-configuring Oracle Restart. All smooth.


      The problem starts here. Next step 6 says

      Prepare the server for Oracle Clusterware configuration, as described in this document. In addition, choose if you want to install Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster in the same location as Oracle Restart, or in a different location:

      You would have noticed that there's a note which says that the process uses config wizard which is available with rel or later. Mine's


      From the doc


      This procedure uses Oracle Clusterware Configuration Wizard, available with release and later.

      So how do I proceed from here? Can the existing binaries be used? If yes, how? Can't find much information. Thanks for your valuable time.

      I hope I am not missing anything..


      Warm Regards