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    Installing solaris on virtual box


      Hi, im having real problems installing solaris on virtual box. Every time i go to install, i go through all the steps and when the installation is complete it asks to reboot. Once i do this it then goes back to the screen asking if i want to install.


      Ive done this several times and have tried both solaris 10 and 11 . The same thing occurs on each, after successful installation the reboot takes me back to the installation start.


      Ive installed other OS's on virtual box and they work fine.


      Ive looked at various videos and guides but cant find whats going wrong. Can anyone help?


      Many thanks

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          Power off the Solaris VM and then go to settings for the VM and unmount the Solaris install ISO from the vitrual cd/dvd. Then power on the machine. This is most likely all it is. If this does not help can you post which Solaris ISO version you are using, is it the most recent version available for download or is it an older version and what version of VirtualBox you are using.


          Hope this helps.