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    Issue with Action button styles in IE


      Apex Version:

      Theme: Cloudy 24 (With customisations to the wrapper around the body section.)





      I have utilised a number of Interactive Reports in an application I am using.


      For some reason, when I clock on the Actions > Select Columns option, the 'Cancel' and 'Apply' buttons that are displayed are not shown in the same grey style that the 'Actions' button is.


      This issue does not occure in Chrome of Firefox, but happens in both IE8 and IE9.

      I understand that it is most likely that IE is not rendering a css style correctly.

      Does anyone have a css patch or solution for this?


      The client I am using the App for uses Internet Explorer.


      See Image Example here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/search/%23All?pid=5946337915648389938&oid=104459804528712563956




      Regards, Amanda.