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    Compile Firefox



      It seams that Oracle is no longer updating Firefox. I can't find any packages to install packages that  are not from china. So I will have to compile my own from source. The issue is I have never done this. Can someone point me in the right direction. Has anyone done this before? What do I need to compile Firefox?

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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle

          We will update Firefox soon, but we need additional time to finish all our tests. Jumping from an ESR version to an another need additional work to be sure that all tests pass, and we should follow our internal QA rules before we can release it.

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            I have been waiting for Oracle to update for over six mouths. The version from China says in it's notes it's from the Oracle desktop Beijing team. If that is so, can't Oracle just  look at what there doing and do it again at a US site. That should take like a day. If one part of Oracle has done it already, just make sure there are no back doors and release it again.

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              Pascal Kreyer-Oracle

              Just for information, Firefox 17 ESR is now available for Solaris 11.

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                Thanks great but we are currently using Solaris 10.

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                  Mayuresh A Nirhali-Oracle

                  Solaris 10 today does have Firefox ESR10.x.

                  Is there any particular reason you are looking at from Firefox 17 ESR on Solaris 10 ?


                  anyhow, you should also have a plan to move to Solaris 11.

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                    We have Solaris 10 installed on our servers. So we would like to have the most up to date version of Firefox on our server for security reasons. We are not planning on updating to Solaris 11, on our production servers at this time. Due to training and time needed for testing. We are also seeing more Linux servers in our environment. If anything, it is more likely that we become an all Linux shop then move to Solaris 11. As the Linux server are coming back more secure after security scans then the Solaris 10 servers are.

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                        Pascal Kreyer-Oracle

                        Regarding the remark that RHEL is more secure as Solaris based on a security scan, be aware that most of the scanner in the market can report bad informations or incomplete state.


                        A typical example is SSH is reported as not secure for the simple reason that the scanner looks for openssh issues and we have SunSSH. The method that is issue in most of the cases is just to compare the version of SSH that the system reports with a security database. OpenSSH uses currently the version 6.4 and we have a version numbered 0.9x or 1.x. And finally the scanner reports that Solaris integrated SSH is not secure and this is completely wrong !


                        Other examples exist.

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                          Mozilla hasn't been giving packages for Solaris in the past.Mozilla used to send you to the Open Solaris page. It is also nice that they give both tarball and packages. I will look at them and see if they can be used at our site. If they can I will come back and mark your answer as the correct one.


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                              Pascal Kreyer-Oracle



                              This is not comparable. We cannot compare a software that have an initial version in 2005 (Solaris 10) and the other in 2010 (RHEL 6). Solaris 11 is more appropriate as we have only 1 year difference.


                              If we look on the latest versions, Solaris 11.1 and RHEL 6.4, both versions provide FF 17. I checked several sources in Internet and the only methods to obtain the version 24 or higher are to use an external source as the OS maintainer.


                              And about the "secure by install", Solaris 11 is much better as Solaris 10. We don't need to run JASS for the most recent version.

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                                    The link you were given are from the Sun now Oracle Beijing Desktop Team.  In other words, they work for Oracle.



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