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    smartview essbase filter question


      I've been using the classic add-in for a while and am finally converting to smartview. I have a security filter assigned to a member with write access. Now if I try to lock and send using the excel add-in and I don't have the right member I will get a pop up saying "You do not have sufficient access to perform a lock on this database. But if I perform the same exact "submit data" in smartview I don't get a popup/alert of any kind which makes me think I can submit data anywhere. I tried turning all log information (information, warning,errors) in the options.


      Is this the norm for smartview?

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          Hello maxellcd_1999


          When you move over to Smartview you have to live with a couple of things...

          Like SmartView does not warn you about a lot of things. If you write a figure in a data cell, it might stay there - even when you refresh.

          In the Options of SmartView you can make some choices like with our best-in-class Classic AddIn.