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    4.0 EA3: Does not open worksheet on connect


      It seems that EA3 does not open a worksheet on connect, even if it is checked in preferences.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Hi jnp1234,


          I had never seen that behavior until I investigated another forum question on the worksheet icon in the main toolbar:

          4.0EA3 SQL Worksheet button issues


          Specifically the comment about ...

          And as mentioned the button remains highlighted - looks extremely tacky.

          Surprisingly, after using the worksheet drop-down list from the main toolbar, and leaving the icon in a "tacky" state, I noticed that my usually way of opening a connection (including the open worksheet on connect preference) from the Connections view no longer opened the worksheet.  Unfortunately I have yet to understand the full details, but if your situation is similar then the following should help as a workaround:


          1. Remove highlighting on the SQL icon in the main toolbar by clicking on it (but not adjacent drop-down arrow to its right!).


          If the worksheet still will not open when opening a connection, try one or more of these (I feel a bit like a witch doctor ...):


          2. Open Connection Selector UI by clicking on the SQL icon in main toolbar (not the drop-down arrow!), then close it.

          3. Try some combination of closing/opening the Start Page.  Not sure if matters in which state it ends up.

          4. Disconnect Connections by right-clicking on the main Connections node in the Connections view.


          Hope to get a bug filed for this, but it would be nice to nail down the test case and workaround first.




          SQL Developer Team