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    purge vs restart




      We had an issue in one of the RAC database last week.  We could not get any improvements after purging the shared pool, but after re-starting the database the problem went away. My question is how the db restart differs from the shared pool?

      Experts, please advise on this.

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          We do not know which problem you are talking about? We are not psychic here. Did you flush shared pool? There is nothing like purging shared pool. Tell us about the problem which lead you to restart the system.

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            Yes, I am talking about the flushing the shared pool. The tool was keep on throwing an error saying that "table does not exist" though with all the permissions. We flushed the shared pool-no improvements. Finally we bounced the database and the problem went away.


            What could be the reason ??

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              There is not any relationship between the error you got and flushing shared pool. With NO re-producible case, it is hard to give any explanation on your problem. I suggest you mark this question an answered and open a new thread when next time you get the same problem but before restarting the database.

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