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    Wouldn't it be nice to have a combined 64bit- and 32bit-installer for Windows 64bit platforms?


      When installing JRE on Windows 64bit, you always have to install it twice, one time for the 32bit-environment (say "Hello!" to SysWOW64-folder) and one time for the 64bit-level, depending on where your JRE-process will be running in (e.g. Firefox uses 32bit-plugin). My idea is to combine both packages for 64bit Windows platforms, so you only have to download, deploy, install AND update(!) just one installer package for both environments. Of course, this would nearly double up the size of the package, but you would never forget to install JRE in one of the two environments AND the auto-updater would be able to update both JRE's, for the 32bit- and 64bit-environment on Windows 64bit platforms, in one single update task.