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    Increasing number of nodes/instances




      I have a customer who has a production setup of 2 node RAC with They want me to study that is it required to add more nodes to their production environment. I request you to guide me the factors which needs to be considered for advising for more nodes.

      One observation we have that whenever their is an outage of one node, the other node is not able to sustain the load.




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          When you say that at the time  of outage the other node is not able to sustain the load, what kind of load you are talking about? Is that load is memory related,cpu related, IOs or what? Because it might be possible just with the increase of resources on the nodes, the other node could handle the load and you could save lot of licensing cost of oracle. Oracle licensing is expensive.


          You need to give us some more details here what you are seeing on the other node at the time of outage.