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    'SelectALL' checkbox column with control break


      'SelectALL' checkbox column with control break


      I created a report with a column for checkbox. The column heading was also a check box.


      Using 'Dynamic Action', all the check boxes can be selected/unselected by clicking on the column header (which is also a check box).


      Issue is when i do a control break on the form based on some field. Now, multiple column headers are there.


      When i select a checkbox in a column header, it should select ONLY those rows that belong to that category. Can you help?.


      Example :

      - Report with 3 fields (Employee ID displayed as checkbox, Employee Name, Department Name).

      - Upon clicking on the 'Employee ID' column header (check box), the checkboxes in all the rows are selected.

      - I do a control break on 'Department Name'.

      - If there are 3 Departments, 3 column headers are displayed.

      - If i click on the column header for one Department (Say, 'Finance'), only those employees who belong to 'Finance' should get selected.