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    Problem with DG4ODBC and MSSQL


      Oracle 11g XE, Apex 4.2.3 with DG4ODBC connecting to MSSQL Express on Windows 7.

      The above configuration gives poor performance (slow or no response).

      Simple queries work - "select itemname from tablea@dblink"

      Minor complex queries (and above ??) do not work - "select a.itemname from tablea@dblink a, tableb@dblink b where a.id=b.id"


      Important other information:

      On the same machine there is a Windows 7 VM running with Oracle 10g XE, Apex 4.1.1- with HSODBC connecting to the MSSQL Express  on the host.

      The application has a page with multiple regions and more complex queries (join, count, in list) and it loads normally.

      There are none of the issues experienced with the 11g/4.2 mix.

      Is there a tweak/patch to make the 11g/4.2 function as well as the 10g/4.1 (will settle for equal performance) ?

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          Sounds like there are lots of moving parts there.


          All bits running on the same host? Hope its got plenty of memory ... using NAT or a bridging setup for the VM NIC(s)?


          So in the XE guest, there is a tnsalias with an ...HS=OK... stanza? And listener running at the Express host with the dg4odbc setup?


          Is there much difference in timing for a tnsping <tnsalias> and a sqlplus ... conn <user>@tnsalias with set timing on?