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    Replace complex calculation as NumberBinding


      I have the following calculation defined:

      public double computePrice(int min, int max, int available, int saturation,
              int productionRate, IPopulationStructure pop, ECityState state) {
          if (available==0) return max;
          if (available>=saturation) return min;
          // The cosine is defined on [0,PI] therefore we must stretch it to
          // saturation and then retrieve the value at the available amount
          double val =  Math.cos(available*Math.PI/saturation);
          // This gives us a value between [-1,1]
          val += 1;
          val *= 0.5;
          // Now between [0,1]
          // Stretch it
          val *= (max-min);
          // place it
          val += min;
          return val;

      I would like the convert this into a bound value, as the input values may change. This means that the int values become IntegerProperty.

      My problem is the calculation of the cosinus on line 7, as there is no equivalent method for NumberBindings.

      How can I achieve my aim to get a Binding, which will change whenever one of the input properties change.

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          public DoubleBinding createPriceBinding(final IntegerProperty min, final IntegerProperty max, final IntegerProperty available, final IntegerProperty saturation,
               final IntegerProperty productionRate, final IPopulationStructure pop, final ECityState state) {
               return Bindings.createDoubleBinding(
                    new Callable<Double>() {
                         public Double call() {
                               return computePrice(min.get(), max.get(), available.get(), saturation.get(), productionRate.get(), pop, state);
                    }, min, max, available, saturation, productionRate);