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    Active-Active Load balancing OHS & Reporting Analysis components - EPM


      Hello Gurus,


        We are having 3 Linux servers, say Server A, Server B & Server C.

        On Server A, we want to have only Shared services, EAS as web application & dont want them to be load balanced, hence we will configure database for HSS, EAS & deploy them on Weblogic on Server A.


        On Server B & C, we want to load balance Workspace, Web analysis, Financial Reporting, Provider Services.  For this, we would configure these 4 components on Server B & C  and deploy them on same Weblogic domain (EPMSytem) which is on Server A, so Weblogic will create clusters for them.


      I have few queries in this scenario:

      1. Is it really possible to separate Shared services & Workspace as they are combined as Foundation Services Managed Server in EPM

      2. Where its recommended to configure R&A Framework services & R&A Framework Web application (Dont want to load balance this)?  On Server B & C  OR

           its fine if they are configured on Server A?   (Not sure if the separation of this component will create issues for working of Webanalysis & FR)

      3. How about OHS configuration? Where should we have OHS Web server only installed & where it should be configured ?      (I think it should be configured on Server B & C,  but how about Server A ??)


      Note: We will be having 3rd party Load balancer in front of OHS Servers.


      Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere above.

      Highly appreciated if someone can throw some light on this.


      Thanks in advance,